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This is Version 3.9 of the FAQ for the newsgroup It will attempt to lay a foundation for the understanding of Harleys, their riders and their Internet watering hole, the R.M.H Virtual Bar & Grill. Many of the sections are copies of posts made by the members of r.m.h. This wealth of hands-on experience is not available via other media.

However, just because people on r.m.h have a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience, don't expect them to do your homework for you. Don't expect questions on maintenance and repairs to be answered if you haven't bought the service manual for your bike. If you can't find it in the manual, only then should you post your question to r.m.h.

This FAQ spiritually belongs to the regulars at the VB&G. I will not allow it to be reprinted or otherwise distributed without the general consensus of the group, nor will I do so. It belongs to them. For purposes of control I retain all legal rights to this document.

In the interest of readability, I have decided to use the masculine pronoun his instead of the politically correct his or hers This should not be interpreted to mean that Harleys are solely a male endeavor. Some of our better mechanics/riders/attitude-adjusters are of the female persuasion. Anyway, what the hell do you expect in a Harley newsgroup?

Changes since version 3.5

This is the only page which has the full index at the left.

The rest of the FAQ is now broken up into sections to make browsing each heading easier without the need to scroll pages up and down all the time. This will also accommodate a planned expansion of the Technical section to include TC-88 mods, as well as other new additions. Subsections which open into expanded menus are highlighted in red. Subsections are not expanded on the full index at left.

Clicking on each heading opens up the contents of that heading only.

TC88 subsection started with Cam Related Issues as first article
Cam Specs converted into subsection.
Lighting Mods subsection started

Neat Stuff page added. This has useful stuff detachable saddlebag brackets, handlebar clocks, Throttle Rockers and sqeegees you put on your thumb to wipe your goggles in rain.

Wind Chill calculator link added to Cold Weather Riding page.