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The following sections have been suggested for future versions of the FAQ.

Riding gear: Need jacket, heated gear, overpants and boot reviews
Jon Boulle Any volunteers from people who knew him?
EK III Done There's also a whole web site dedicated to Eddie Kieger III.
Engine configurations
Fat Head info
Why do Harleys cost so much?
Are Sportsters really girl's bikes? Done
What oil should I use in my Harley? Done
When was this newsgroup formed?
Why are there so many off-topic posts?
Why won't anyone answer my questions?
What do the numbers in people's .sigs mean? Done
Why won't Harley riders wave at me? Done
Make the whole thing one big printable page. Forget it. There's too much stuff and not enough requests for it.

If you are in a wordy mood why not sit down and write a section that you have a good handle on? Posterity is within your grasp! (You should probably let me know your plans before you spend much time on it, so I can tell you if we need it.)

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