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Brief Netiquette Guide

WRITING ALL IN CAPS is considered shouting and will get you flamed. Putting *asterisks* before and after a word represents boldface, and is the preferred way to stress words. Likewise, _underscores_ can be used to represent underlining or italics.

When replying to a post you should quote the relevant portion so that everyone knows what the hell you're talking about. AOLers may have to type the contextual remarks, as the AOL newsreader is particularly stupid. Please be careful to attribute words to their correct author.

Remember to respond as if you were sitting face-to-face with the person, and not as an anonymous propeller head a thousand miles away.

Here are some links to newsgroups where you will find:

- Interesting Information about Usenet.
- Answers to your questions about Usenet.

- FAQs from many of the Usenet newsgroups.


"USENET is not AOL. It is truly The Savage Jungle - the Freudian Id personified. A place where the benefits of semi-anonymity serve as a brutal millstone that democratically grinds the bloated egos of all participants to the lowest common denominator of civility.

It should come as no surprise that the common grease of the millstone is understanding and respect for your fellow men (women, whatever). And here, as in face-to-face life, humility garners the greatest respect." -- Kerry