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Selling a used Harley on r.m.h

If you have any plans to sell your Harley on r.m.h, understand that the people who assemble in the VB&G aren't there to be your customers. r.m.h isn't a classified ad venue, and if you regard it as such, you will no doubt be flamed. It's possible you and your bike will be insulted and ridiculed.

There are several things which will get you and your bike torched by the regulars. Here are some examples:

Low mileage
Selling for more than new MSRP
Use of the word "invested" anywhere in your ad
Any listing of a bike on an Ebay auction

If your ad contains any of those "features" it might be best to post your ad at:
Or any number of other online classified venues. It might be pointed out that it doesn't matter what you spent for your bike when new, nor does it matter how much you sunk into the bike. What matters is that r.m.h is not a classified ad or commercial venue, and the regular readers and posters regard overpriced ads as unwelcome as door-to-door salesmen and telemarketers.